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I hate it. Poo-picking. I hate it with a passion. Almost as much as I hate mucking out straw beds. So today, while spending THREE HOURS poo-picking in the blazing sun, I thought I’d try to come up with some good reasons & methods for poo-picking slightly more bearable. Yes, it really did challenge my brain, once I’d got past the obvious stuff!


Reduce the worm burden of your pasture.

Everyone knows this, right? But it really is THE most effective way of reducing not only the amount of worms which your horse ingests, but also is the BEST ...


We all know breeches are an absolutely essential piece of our riding outfit. Whether you are a happy hacker, play polo, do dressage or show jumping, you need to be dressed in the appropriate breeches. When looking for a new pair of breeches, there are certain key things to look for – you want to make sure that you get your money's worth (because they are not cheap!) and you want to look great too. So here are my 5 recommendations:

Mark Todd Gisborne breeches

These Mark Todd Gisborne breeches are practical for everyday use but still smart enough to ...